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Udon Donnosuke

“I have been very impressed by Hoshizaki quality. It’s amazing, really.”

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Our restaurant has opened in district 7 on June, 2018. We would recommend our menu not only for individual customers but also families, who can taste Udon and Japanese food. It can be selected as Normal size, Large and Special Large (※ Fried Udon is not available), even in Normal size there are about 1.5 times volume of Udon than the one of other general restaurants. It is free of charge to change to Large size and change to Special Large size with additional 20,000 VND. Udon can also be changed to thin type. Customers can choose Udon out of more than 30 kinds of menu according to your preference. The second floor has become a calm space and it is convenient for dinner at night as well. “Our reliable and clean food – Customer’s safety is “DONNOSUKE”s motto. Hoshizaki Vietnam could support our kitchen design and supply the kitchen equipment, and continue to maintain the service support to help our motto.



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