CHIYODA SUSHI - Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation official


“Hoshizaki is supporting the realization for Chiyoda Sushi's an authentic Japanese experience in Vietnam in terms of food quality”

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Chiyoda Sushi is a sushi chain store with over 200 locations across Japan. Chiyoda Sushi’s mission is to popularize sushi. In order to fulfil that ambition, the most crucial thing is to create a spot where you can enjoy sushi more freely and casually.

With the same ambition, Chiyoda Vietnam restaurant was formed so that customers can enjoy fresh, delicious sushi effortlessly. Having accomplished an aim of popularizing sushi within Japan, Chiyoda Sushi now offers an authentic taste of Japan to all the people of the world, with Vietnam is the first step of their journey. That means not only bringing the flavor, but every aspect of the high-quality service and Omotenashi Chiyoda have provided in Japan.


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