On behalf of Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation, we would like to say thank you for using Hoshizaki’s product and our company is so proud to become a partner for your business during the past time.

To affirmative the quality as well as to customers feel more peace of mind when choosing Hoshizaki’s product, Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation would like to send you warranty policy with warranty conditions as described below:

Applicable to: All products distributed directly by Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation or indirectly through dealers authorized by Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation.
The warranty provided by Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation applies to manufacturer’s errors for products used within the territory of Vietnam.
  • Ice machine: 03 years for compressor, 02 years for the entire unit (Not include for labor costs for the replacement in the third year).
  • Other machines as below: 02 years for the entire unit.
  •  - Ice Dispenser
  •  - Refrigerator & Freezer
  •  - Ice Cream Showcase
  • – Dish washer
  • Other machines as below: 01 year for the entire unit.
  •  - Ice Bin
  •  - Blast Freezer & Blast Chiller
  • – Beverage Dispenser
  •  - BBQ Net Washer
  •  - Sushi Showcase
  • Spare parts: 90 days.
  • – Warranty period is counted from the date of purchasing.
  • – Warranty is not transferable or assignable to any subsequent purchaser-user.
  • – Warranty of labor is applied in central areas belong Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Danang City.
  • – Warranty is not applicable for consumable parts that may be worn during use such as handlebar, rubber cushion, door gasket, door springs, water filters, raw of water filters, air filter, lamp.
  • – The requirements for cleaning, normal maintenance, adjustments, or correction of improper installation of products are not covered by the warranty.
  • – Cases of accessories or components outside of the product that are lost / missing when received will not be warranted if not notified to Hoshizaki Vietnam within 3 days of receipt.
  • All non-fault cases / problems from the manufacturer are not covered by the warranty.
  • For example (but are not limited to) the cases listed below:
  • – Serial and model number on the product is deleted or the information of product does not match the document related to the product (if any).
  • – Warranty is not applicable for consumable parts that can be worn during use, plastic parts, glass or rubber parts, and related accessories.
  • – Defects or damages caused by transportation, falls, breakage, external impact / heat cracking, scratches, dips, rust, deformation, misuse, wrong voltage, power / designated water, unstable increase / decrease in power supply or other problems in the supply of power / water to the product.
  • Defects or damages caused by using weak water, salinity / alum / hard water (for ice machines, dishwashers) or signs of insect infestation, corrosion by chemicals or poured liquid.
  • – Defects or damages caused by installation, maintenance, improper use or failure in accordance with the instruction manual from the manufacturer.
  • – Defects and damages due to objective reasons such as humidity, natural disaster, flood, fire or other accidents.
  • – Defects or damages caused by arbitrarily repairing, disassembling, changing the original design, structure or function of the product without the confirmation of Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation, or the product has been repaired at places other than the Service Center or Authorized Service Center of Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation.
  • – Defects or damage caused by using any parts other than the one provided by Hoshizaki Vietnam Company Limited.
  • – When product breaks down, the dealer is responsible for checking, identifying the cause of the damage and fixing for the end user. Depending on the actual manpower condition at the time dealer request technical assistance, Hoshizaki Vietnam can directly support for checking or identifying the cause of the damage.
  • – In case dealer cannot arrange to go to check, the service charge if Hoshizaki Vietnam in charge is VND 300,000/time (Not included VAT). Applied in office hours in central areas belong Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang City.
  • – Hoshizaki Vietnam Corporation is responsible for providing components or parts to the dealer and providing technical support via phone to the dealer.
  • – A valid warranty claim must meet the following conditions:
  • ♦ Dealer must provide full information about model name, serial number, details of damaged status of components, parts by image or video clip. The warranty will be denied if one of the requested information is missing.
  • ♦ Images or videos clip must clearly show up details of defective parts.
  • ♦ Hoshizaki Vietnam will confirm preliminary errors based on image or video provided by dealer. If all information is valid and eligible, Hoshizaki Vietnam will arrange to send parts to dealer as soon as possible.
  • ♦ Defective parts must be returned to Hoshizaki Vietnam after replacement. Within 30 days from the date of receiving the warranty parts, Hoshizaki has not received the defective parts, the next warranty will be rejected.

Technical Hotline: 028.5417.3896 – From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Saturday (Excluding public holidays).

Download the Warranty Claim form here: Warranty Claim Form(PDF)
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